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3 Reasons Why I Encourage Clients To Blog

Earlier this week, I met with one of my clients to discuss their web design project progress and suggested about a blog addition. In response, he asked “Why do people blog?”

There are different reasons for different people, as some may have a passion for stitching and share that via their blog, but today, I want to touch on the blogging for business aspect as it’s among the most efficient service we have here at

Here’s three reasons why we love business blogging

1) It shows you’re business is active

Offline businesses close down frequently, so when someone lands on a website, they’ll see the service pages and hopefully bookmark them as they continue researching their options.

As they go through their options, narrowing down choices of who to do business with, they return to the site to see it hasn’t changed.

Hmm…I wonder if they’re still in business.

By noticing that we have written a recent blog post lets them know that we are.

Now that’s just a minor benefit but it is one we believe to be important.

2) Your business becomes more visible

A static five or six page site has limited search strings the search engines would deem it appropriate for. You’re organic listings are somewhat restricted with only a few pages.

Now, when you add just one additional page to your business website titled “blog”, all your posts are published on that one page and each post then has its own separate page as well.

Provided you update, that blog page becomes your most valued asset on your website, because right under that title, you have even more titles.

Each with their own meta tags to tell the search engines the information on each post published, along with the date.

Used wisely, it shows frequency, and with every fresh update, pings can be sent to search engine bots, signalling new content.

In the information grid, every search engine is thriving to find newly published content that’s fresh as it lowers the risk of sending outdated information to their users.

That’s especially true for service businesses with regulations. Travel agents, accountants, legal advisors etc. They all have regulatory bodies and changes that affect how they do business.

Any updates can be posted in your blog, and even categorised into the most relevant category i.e. latest announcements, tips, events etc.

Even an FAQ section where you can keep it brief on your FAQ page, and link to individual posts explaining more to each question:

• 20 questions

• 20 answers

• 20 posts

• Endless amounts of keyword variations people could find your business

FAQ page

Every question and answer is something someone could be searching for. The more answers you have, the more your long tail keyword phrases you can show for in organic listings and demonstrate to new visitors to your site that you’re a subject matter expert (SME).

Even just writing that last part above, there’s a hidden benefit that I didn’t even list, so here it is…

Building authority

The more information you provide each visitor landing on your site, demonstrates first hand that you’re a subject matter expert, and a true professional.

That rolls over into the next aspect of marketing your business

3) Social media growth

We’re huge fans of social media as it is traffic on demand, free of charge. It’s word of mouth marketing, and the best way to get people talking about your business is to share your Top Notch Content with them.

That’s difficult to do if you’re only sharing a static website. People will get bored fast and you will struggle to grow your followers.

The more engaging content you have to share, the more engaged your followers are with your business. They can relate to what you’re discussing on your blog, chime in on the conversation on any social media channel and that will catch the eye of every casual browser.

Blog posts kick start conversations, getting people to interact with your company, and it is visible social proof and could even be seen as testimonials for your business.

That is one thing every business can benefit from.

We could go on all day talking about the benefits of blogging, the marketing power it puts into your business and the social media going hand in hand but for now, I’m going to turn it over to you…

What benefits do you believe business blogging offers?

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