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3 Ways To Make Your Evergreen Blog Posts Popular

For those of you first learning about the term evergreen content, here’s what it is:
Evergreen content is relevant information to readers new and old. People discovering the content six months after you publish it, still find at as useful as those who read it the same day you published it.
It lasts!
And that’s what makes them so compelling because they’re consistently dependable at driving traffic, user engagement, and when you keep it fresh with updates, it’ll boost your SEO too.
What’s more is that for those with a blog already, you’ve likely got this content in place, even if you didn’t realise it when you wrote it or had it written for you.
If you want to know more about evergreen content, check out the resources listed below because this post isn’t about that.
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This is about…
3 Ways to Maximise Exposure to Your Existing Evergreen Content
1. Periodically review your content
Just because you’ve published an evergreen piece, doesn’t mean your users feel it’s useful. The only true evergreen content is the ones that are periodically reviewed to ensure they are up to date and contain the simplest way to do something, or the cheapest, or the most detailed, or the full shebang.
As you learn more tricks of your trade, you’ll be able to share more intelligent information with your readers; how to articles in particular are never truly finished in certain sectors. Take social media topics for example. It’s forever changing therefore you need to update your how to guides to reflect the changes.
Evergreen Content
The same can happen if you’re recommending a tool or software to get a job done. Something better could come along, or the product you mentioned is now off the market. That’d just make you look out of touch with your industry, losing you a lot of credibility.
2. Put the most popular posts on your blog sidebar
This is becoming a necessity. So many blogs are being updated more regularly… so much so that the truly amazing content is buried somewhere in the archives.
If you want to make sure your evergreen content is popular, promote it as popular. And it will be because you’re going to get eyeballs on it since you’re advertising its existence across your blog.
3. Consistently promote it on social media
The other thing to do is consistently socially share the content to ensure new people are seeing it. Sure, you’ll have a handful of people that may be frustrated because the social media update isn’t new, but to many, it will be. You may need to peeve a few people off to please a few more, nothing wrong with that from a marketing perspective. TV ads annoy almost everyone. Yet, it’s always gets turned back on.
At least once a month, share a post from the past. You could even theme it as a blast from the past or something so your followers know that it’s a repeat share.
In Conclusion
If you don’t have any evergreen content pieces already live on your website, then it would be worthwhile including it into your content marketing strategy because you need at least one of these. For best results, shoot for a dozen as that will give you one different content piece to share every month with your followers and since it’s different each month and not consistently in the face of your loyal fans, you’ll lower your risk of peeving off the minority.
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