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5 Mistakes With Content Marketing That’s Causing Your Traffic To Trickle

Being involved in social media marketing allows me to see early on what businesses are doing wrong in their content marketing. It’s hindering growth rather than increasing their audience size.
In this quick post, I’m just going to flat out tell you what to do about engagement to grow your audience.

Content Marketing Mistakes

Mistake 1: Writing to generate customers
Unless you’re releasing products on a weekly or monthly basis, you do not need to be writing sales pages frequently. Many business blogs fall flat by mistaking the blog as the place to write a sales pitch.
The result is one click and that’s to close the tab and exit.
The fix – Write for readership and not for sales.
Mistake 2: Trying to appease the search engines
Why this is still happening today is anyones guess. My best guess is that these are offline businesses late to the show in taking their business online.
They aren’t in the know, so who knows where they get the advice from. It’s clearly someone because nobody in their right mind deliberately writes content to be read by algorithms.
By all means, incorporate onsite SEO, but for the sake of humanity, optimise the content after it’s written for human consumption. And when you do apply onsite SEO, don’t overdo it and ruin the entire piece. Readers don’t need to read the same thing written fifty different ways.
Mistake 3: Straining the eyes of readers (design problems)
Content marketing has been around long enough for split testing results to have been shared. Plenty of tests and studies have been done to determine how viewers read digital content.
They need white space.
Underserved areas of design are fonts and line space. Tweak fonts and sizes until you reach a character length of max 75 characters (with spaces) per line. Then increase your line space to between 117% to no higher than 145%.
Mistake 4: Thinking blogging is content marketing
Blogging is not content marketing. Blogging is just another way to reach an audience, captivate and motivate them into continuing reading your material.
That should be more than blog posts.
• Featured articles in magazines
• On other related blogs
• Contributor websites (i.e. Business Weekly)
• E-books
• White papers
• Email
• Educational course material
Tack on any other communication method to that list and that’s what content marketing is. The more you diversify content distribution, the wider an audience you reach.
Which brings me to…
Mistake 5: Content marketing done backwards
You’ll have heard of the 80/20 rule, right?
Well, with content marketing, where it goes belly up is when you devote 80% effort to the creation of the content and only put 20% effort into promoting it.
That’s backwards.
Spend less time with creation and more time promoting. Take to social media, email outreach, forums – spread your content around.
You can’t expect to have people share your content if you’re not actively sharing it with them to know it’s value and pass it along.
Don’t do that stuff. If you don’t have time to promote the content, outsource some promotional work. The same if content creation is hindering your reach.
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