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5 Steps To Get Clients Coming To You

For the small independent trader with limited time, the marketing is often put on the backburner. Running a business independently is even more hassle when you’ve a family life to double it with.
There are more people than you might imagine in that situation where they are trying to balance their business responsibilities, alongside raising a family or perhaps taking care of elderly relatives.

Taking care of elderly

Not all our waking moments can be spent working or business building, so when you do not have the time resource to devote to marketing…
The next best thing is to reverse the marketing approach and have customers come to you. You can do this without an expensive marketing budget for radio advertising or the likes. All you need is access to the internet. A mobile phone is actually enough to let you do that.
A 5-step approach to reverse your advertising and have customers approaching you
1)      A place online for an elevator pitch
In today’s technological age, it’s next to impossible to run a business without a website. That’s the very first thing you need and it is straightforward. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to put your own website together, I can take care of that for you (details about the web design service here).
BTW: An elevator pitch is just you telling your web visitors what you can do for them. Hook them with intrigue and induce emotions then finish by asking for the call to action. You know, like call me on 0121 453 9208, or DM me on Twitter.
2)      Link all your online profiles
You’ll have more than one social media profile. In fact, to have the best chance of success with social media, it’s best to be everywhere and link everything together. On Google Plus here, you’ll see in the ‘other profiles’ section of the about page a list of all my social media profiles and ways to get in contact with me. I can’t begin to tell you how effective that resource is. Thanks Google ;)
3)      Join groups in your profession
Within every industry, there are professional organisations and even more groups. LinkedIn is the professionals’ social media platform, and if you want to harness the power of inbound marketing, this is the platform that gives you the best potential.
Even if a customer doesn’t find you there, there will be others doing the same work as you who can help get word of mouth marketing going. LinkedIn is the place to network.
4)      Create content to attract customers or have it created for you
With your website and social media pages in place, you need content to put on those properties. Always remember that your website is for sales and the blog is the backend to the website that works as part of your sales funnel.
The sales funnel is simply bringing people to your site and getting your service in front of them. A blog is much different from your website because it is not a sales tool. It’s a customer engagement tool.
In every industry, customers have problems. Your job is to use the blog on your site to solve those problems. If you’re a hairdresser, you’d answer questions customers have about hair care, and make recommendations along the way.
All you’re doing is highlighting your expertise through your blog posts. The more content you build up over time, the more search listings you get in Google, Bing and Yahoo, and the more people find your business.
5)      Collect the praise and get permission to use it on your client testimonial page
As more people will be finding you online, you will have customers booking your service. With each satisfied client, or even positive feedback on social media, simply ask for permission from your customer to use their feedback on your website as a testimonial.
The more testimonials you build up, the less selling you have to do.
Your elevator pitch on your sales page tells the customer why you feel they should hire you, and your existing customers prove to them that your service is quality. From there, all you need is your website to have the ability to book your services or provide a method of contact and people will begin inquiring about your service, and getting themselves booked onto your client list.
Use the internet to your advantage.
All the tools and services are there to enable you to run your business efficiently, and you don’t even need to know any web coding to take advantage of it.
It’s super easy to get the web working for you. You just need content, posted to the right places, and an audience to share that content with to get the word out. When they do, others will find you and that’s when you experience the benefits of inbound marketing.
More clients for you with less time and money spent on marketing.

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