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5 Warning Signs Your Traffic Stats Are Heading For A Steep Decline

No matter what your niche, you need traffic for your website to perform; the only way you’re going to make that a reality is to load it up with content.
Don’t, whatever you do, make the mistake of thinking that any old content will do. It most certainly will not.
Have you ever watched an episode of the New Orleans NCIS program?
In it, Agent Dwayne Pride is known for his leadership phrase “go learn things”. That’s the approach every writer – even you if you’re doing your own content marketing in-house – needs to be taking.
Before you put your fingers to the keyboard, tell yourself – go learn things. Or make it your last words to a freelance writer you’re outsourcing too.
It’s the only way to start a piece of content that has a tiny chance of making an impact on your readership. If the writer behind the content can’t learn a thing or two themselves, the reader certainly won’t.
That’s what you can’t have happen.
Every piece of content published to your website should have something in there for people to learn. Something they can take away with them and feel the sense of – I’ve learned something new today.
It’s quite fascinating, but finding those golden nuggets to share with your readership, or even just to attract an audience to give you an active readership, you absolutely must be able to…
Go Learn Things
That’s the first stage of creating stellar content. The process starts completely blindly if you haven’t planned for it. For any new clients a freelance writer takes on, they have a lot to go out and learn. Usually it’s in a different industry to what they’ve ever written about and that in itself is a challenge.
That’s why you can find niche specific writers. Financial writers, travel writers, technical writers, white paper specialists etc. Whatever field you’re in, there will be a niche specific writer out there somewhere to cater to your content needs: For a price!
Because these writers are niche specific, they have a wider knowledge base and therefore are in their own rights, experts in a particular subject matter. That commands higher rates because of the speciality factor.
Clients also get the faster turnaround time because they are tapping an existing knowledge bank.
Is the content going to be stellar though?
Probably not, because one persons knowledge only goes so far and the writer themselves may not be learning anything new when they piece together the content for you.
When you have a writer who starts from the starting post though and does go out on the web to “go learn things”, they’ll find themselves with a number of “I never knew that” moments.
• Those light bulbs spark ideas
• Ideas ignite topics
• Those lead to brainstorming
• That leads to verifying accuracy in the research
When it all comes together, a lot of information is researched, then distilled and crafted together to create a stellar post. That’s how you win the trust of readership. Open transparency. Content that indeed does have proven golden nuggets that’d make a fantastic post, and because the person writing it has only just found out about it, that comes through in the written content.
The words are thrashed out onto the screen, with semi colons used instead of full stops. The words splash across the screen as though it’s been written by Johnny 5 from the film Short Circuit, which for those who don’t know, Youtube it.
By the end of the first draft, the words can barely be read through the sea of red and green underlines to warn of incorrect sentences, and misspellings.
Freestyle writing gets the words flowing. Gathering the intelligence is the first part and a long one at that. The free-writing stage is the fastest, but the longest by far is polishing it.
The very benefit of hiring a freelance writer is to save you or your staff the hassle of fact-finding, brainstorming, first drafting, rewriting, editing, proofreading and finalizing content for your marketing.
When you outsource, that’s all done behind the scenes and the only thing you should be seeing from that is results.
You should be seeing consistent growth of your blog traffic. Readership engagement across the board, and after a short time; be able to log into your analytics dashboard and seek out the different key phrases your site is being displayed to search engine users result pages, and the click through rates from there to your website.
That data is exclusive to your website and can then be used to get more content ideas to keep your website growing.
A healthy analytics graph should always have an uptrend, but be warned, the instant you see it flat line, you need to get proactive before you have to react later to a decline in website visitors.
Lose the traffic, your leads will dip and revenue will tank.
5 Warning Signs the Uptrend is about to be Turned on its head
1. Less social mentions
Every passing week you publish a blog post, it needs promoting. Active and new readers will never find it if you don’t get the word out. To help increase your social mentions, get smart with your networking. You cannot be without a professional network because without that, you will never be able to get the most shares possible. For your content, shares is mileage and the more you have, the better your R.O.I is either on time or money spent if you’re outsourcing. Without mentions, you’ll be stuck with a few shares per post and no chance of achieving three and four figure shares and mentions.
It helps to leverage email in your networking here, because with that, you can send an outreach email to others you’ve developed a relationship with. All that does is gives you a quick shout out to help get the word out.
“Hi [name_fix!]
We’ve just published “Powerful Headline”. Click here to read it now or save this email for later.
Don’t forget our comments are enabled. We’d love for you to share your feedback. We’d appreciate your support by sharing the post with others you know. It’s one-click-simple on the blog. Read it here…
Company Name
2. Little to no feedback on your blog comments
Blogs without comments enabled is defeating the purpose. You’re supposed to engage with people there. The mistake made often is getting the purpose of social media for business purposes mixed up somewhere along the lines.
Remember this:
• You do social media to bring traffic to your website
• You don’t blog to grow your social media following
Get that wrong and it’s a waste!
Enable comments and you’ll get a treasure trove of data to use to drive the future growth of your business blog. There are good pest control measures for WordPress powered blogs that will cut your comment moderation down to next to nothing.
3. Very few keyword suggestions from your analytics data
Each post you publish to your blog should be of a decent length; preferably over 700 words. I find that anything less than that, I can probably go back to it and do a part two post. In other words, it’s incomplete. There are parts missing so the reader will still have questions.
The last thing you want your writer to be doing is leaving questions unanswered to the point a reader of your content closes your website and goes back to a search engine looking for answers. If it’s not in your material, there should be at least a link to your contact page to ask, or a CTA to bring the attention of readers to post questions to you in the comments section.
With an active readership, that’s the best path to go because it builds a community around your blog. Your active readers begin to answer questions in the comments area, essentially making it a little like your own business forum, only without the costs of operating and moderating one.
Knowledge is power
You control the topics and your readers control the conversation; it doesn’t get much better than that.
4. Fewer websites citing your material in their blog posts
With enough research put into a topic, there will be solid evidence to support the material published. The only thing it takes is a link to the data you are using. This is beneficial for readers because if they don’t understand a point being made or a term used, they can click to find out, and then come back to continue. It benefits SEO too. Just look at Wikipedia; domain Authority of 100, so it’s definitely not unfounded theory.
5. Being greedy with your links
While it’s not good practice to work your content around search engine algorithms and put your readership secondary, you can make a positive impact on the strength of your content by adding external links into the pages.
There are still some companies that feel they are risking their reputation if they link to the wrong site. That you certainly can do and that’s just one of the additional benefits you get when you work with a writer who is competent in SEO practices.
They will have the tools to know what a trustable website is, and what a narrow niche focused money spinner is when they see it.
When gathering data points during research and using browser toolbars such as the MOZ Bar, SEO Quake, or the Firefox addon from, which all have their uses for showing writers at a glance the page rank, or more importantly the page authority and domain authority of any web page being viewed. Just a glance will indicate how strong a website is. Without it, you’d be linking out blindly to who knows what.
If you’re doing your own content marketing, plug one of those extensions into your chrome browser, or the Firefox addon if that’s what you use.
With other site owners being alerted to an increase in their backlinks, they are more likely to share your content as it gives them a boost too. The more shares you get, the more eyeballs you get and that leads to other leaders picking up your site as a source of authority content for which they can share when they don’t have the time to update their own sites.
Keep yourself in the spotlight, your analytics trending upwards and your readership constantly growing.
That should be the end goal of your content marketing plan. Go learn something or hire a writer who will go learn something to put together master copy for your benefit.
If you’ve never experienced the benefits of content marketing done right, don’t miss the free trial, which is the ultimate package. Any specific questions you’d like to ask, you can use the contact page here, or to speak with me, my phone number is 0121 453 9208.
Steve Hill
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