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Steve Hill

My name is Steve Hill and I welcome you to my website. If you are looking for a UK content writer or a social media consultant please feel free to contact me at any time.
With extensive experience in the diverse age of digital marketing, we know the importance of high quality content. We also understand that no content is universal.
While a client may approach us to assist in keeping their blogs updated a couple times per week, another client may need to have their web copy, either created or revised to improve their conversion rates.
Our objective at Top Notch Content is to assist businesses to grow dynamically by creating a unique voice for their brand identity. We’re here to help businesses get their voices heard online, amidst the noise of stagnant pages.
With millions of new pages of content uploaded to the internet every day, businesses find it difficult to compete. We want to change that and help the people who should have exposure to gain it, and knock down the stagnant pages that do nothing beneficial to readers.
Every piece of content should be value packed. We want to see valuable content appear visible in online search. Not jargon filled palaver that only soaks up bandwidth.
With our marketing expertise and talent for writing, we can create the high quality material needed for your online success. We know how to create content for human readability, while making some strategic content implementations, to help your content be found online.
This is our SEO content writing. This can be used to provide you with either web copy or blog post content.
Since content can be found in a variety of places online, including membership sites, and PDF directories, we also offer a number of different delivery formats.
You can count on us to create a PDF report, exclusive to you. You can use it to sell, enhance your membership sites, or upload it as link bait to directories, to help your linking campaigns.
When you work with us, you can count on our utmost discretion.
We know that a number of agencies will work on large contracts and we welcome opportunities to assist when required. When you hire us, we are ghosts. Only you as our client are aware of the relationship you have with us. We supply the content to you with full ownership, without your own clients knowing about our involvement.
Agencies are able to use our web marketing and digital content expertise, with a mark-up on their own rates. We don’t have any issues with that.
We view arrangements with agencies as a larger opportunity to work towards our company objectives. Placing high quality content within visibility of people searching for the information they require.
Most of the work that we do is focused on helping local businesses succeed. We work with people on a personal level to understand their objectives. Sometimes it may be articles for directories that are required. In this case we’ll design the content to achieve a high CTR, resulting in website traffic to your business.
Other times you may need Top Notch Content to contribute as a guest blog post, which needs to meet stringent criteria. In these circumstances, you can let us know what criteria you’re content requires, and we’ll get to work creating it for you.
When you combine all the different methods you can use to bring traffic to your website, you’ll want to be able to capture the leads of your visitors. You can hire us to create your value packed opt in report. With our extensive experience in marketing, we can work with you to populate your email follow up sequence, giving you a more hands off website, which works for you around the clock.
Whatever your content requirements are, we’re here to help. We welcome opportunities to work with SMBs, corporations and partnerships with marketing agencies. Our services are here to help your business. Not to compete. Every business needs high quality content and we’re here to fill that need.
I also have a Personal Branding Website which includes information about the other sites that I run.