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Are You Spending Your Advertising Revenue In the Wrong Places?

For those investing revenue into advertising, you’re getting on people’s nerves.
People do not like interruption based advertising. Nor are they in love with being tracked online with DoubleClick Dart cookies.
What gets people more is when they install a browser plugin to block ads, is when they discover that the big boys are paying to be whitelisted and continue doing what they thought they tackled with a browser extension to block them.
That is what’s happening.
Google, Microsoft and Taboola are paying ad block software developers to whitelist their ads. That means out of the profit they obtain from generating ads, displaying them and getting people to click on them, a percentage of what you pay (often per click) has to pay to get past ad blockers.
More than that though – you’re getting on the bad side of the customers you’re trying to reach.
Native advertising is history
When you pay for advertising that interrupts people, your CTR may be high but your conversion rates will be poor.
The trend your business needs you to get behind
To reach your customers you need to behind marketing with content and not with ad revenue spend per click.
Ad block
Over a half million people are searching for an ad blocker, yet only 60k businesses feel the need to explore a workaround.
I’m not sure about policies and what not with Google so I’m not going to reveal the cost per click. All I’ll say is it costs a lot to advertise under the term “content marketing”. More than I’d be prepared to pay but any content marketer that has to stray away from marketing through content is doing a whole lot of stuff wrong.
What’s the big deal with content marketing?
The big deal is that content reaches consumers and it’s better appreciated than any advert. It uses words that engage them or sometimes just entertains people. All the time, it connects with them at some level.
And, it will always get past an ad blocker. And that always is not one of those always until ones.
If you read a few places about content marketing, you may get the feeling that you need to start blogging. You don’t. It is certainly beneficial but at the end of the day, content is everywhere. You need it for the spoken words in a video, for a glossy magazine, a script for a podcast, for an email follow up sequence, and even content for the packaging of your products.
Remember the days when a missing person wasn’t posted on social media, but instead on the side of a milk carton?
Yes, even the packaging of your products can be used by printing words on them for marketing purposes and not solely branding.
Content that engages reaches your customers
It’s better spent revenue because if you continue throwing money at the problem, your advertising platform will be doing the same and paying some of your hard earned revenue to an ad block developer to get that whitelisted and reach your customers when they least expect it. An angry consumer is not very likely to be doing business with you any time soon.
A note at this point -This is not a plug for the service here. It is a message to those spending per click, swap, or sponsor that sponsored material is not the way forward. You can use our services if you wish, but the takeaway I want you to have is to…
Focus on your customers first!
Look at your marketing budget and assess how much you’re spending to reach consumers who are searching for ways to block you. That’s what you need to get around; the ad blockers that are letting your ads slip through.
People are wondering why they are seeing ads when they have stuff in place to block them. They are not engaged with sponsored material and most don’t give you enough space to tell any kind of story.
What people want is information; wisdom of some sort. Something that will make them feel better, or at least compelled in some way.
Words do that. Short form, long form, story form and audio.
If you’re paying and seeing a poor ROI, you need to rethink your marketing. What you’re reading now, I didn’t pay a penny for, yet here you are, reading this.
This is marketing through content.
As I mentioned, this is not a plug. You’ve read this far and likely feel you want to know more. Sure – That’s a weak call to action because it’s not intended.
What is intended is for you to take action and stop paying for dismal results. Your marketing budget will do better when it’s spent on material that engages your target customers. If you have the resources bring it in-house and if you don’t you can at least pick my brain by calling 0121 453 9208.
At the very least, review your ad spend and compare that with your ROI. If you feel disappointed, review your companies approach to marketing.
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