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Become A Circle Of Influence With Google+

The foundations of the Google+ social network are built around circles. However, the power of those circles lies with how influential you can be when you use it to its full advantage.
At its launch, Google+ was able to grow to 50 million users in under three months, something that took rivals Facebook almost four years to accomplish. If business growth is what you’re after, then this is the place to be.
Now positioned as the second largest social networking site, surpassing Twitter, it’s no longer an option to ignore the network if you want to see your business grow online.
It’s not all about follower growth, as directly attracting more web traffic from Google+ isn’t really something you’re going to achieve fast. It’s not built for attracting a mass of followers. The platform is designed to attract and build on your power of influence.
It exists in partnership with the core of Google services.

The search engine
The more credible your business exposure is online, the more trustworthy a source you are for users searching the Google database for their recommendations on the most relevant search result based on their query.
Part of that is built on the authoritative credibility of the information posted online information that you can supply Google in order for them to “give credit when credit is due”.
In fact, if you look at the wiki description, for Google+, you’ll see that it’s not described as a social network, but instead as an “authorship tool”.
In the past, a major problem for content marketing was the theft of digital content, when epic information was posted anywhere online and someone came along and blatantly stole it with copy and paste simplicity.
With Google Authorship (rel author tag) you can claim your own content and avoid shameless scraping, ensuring that you get credit for the content you put out. It’s one of the ways you can ensure your content is displayed as the first relevant result, for related search terms, and avoid your competition stealing your hard work for their own personal gain.
You gain growth through online exposure on Google+ and organic search
Because Google+ links your profile and authorship into their sophisticated search algorithms, you can grow your exposure through organic search results.
However, that’s going to take time, as you must use the network specifically in a way that builds your profile to be a circle of influence in your particular field.
You can do that by the Twitter trend of following others and gain followers back who return the favour. Then all you have to do is organise your followers into your own segregated circles, which you can organise strategically:
• Business partnerships
• Prospects
• Existing customers
• Age groups
• Location
Whatever way you want to organise your followers so you can identify a who’s who on the network, you can do that with circles.
Every circle you create lets you connect with people within those individual groups. Share your own top-notch content AND share other related awesome content you come across. Whatever adds value, whether it’s you that posts it online or not, you can share it to your circles.
Tying in all the Google products to the one service
People can search Google on the web in a variety of ways, video search, image search, book search, blog search and much more. The more content you have in a variety of media formats the more places you can be found online.
Google+ is the place that lets you share every type of content, gain momentum through social shares, and plus ones, and to catapult your organic search results.
Plus one

Whatever type of content you upload online, your Google+ page is the place to bring it all together, putting it in front of your circles, helping you to become a key influencer and separating yourself, and your business, from the followers’ category.
The best businesses succeed by leading, and not by following. Using Google+ to become that circle of influence amongst your followers is what separates you from the noise online and puts your business ahead of the rest, while growing it across the web.
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