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Creative Ways To Make Your Testimonials Work Better

These days, it’s rare to find any product or service sold online without the use of customer testimonials. They are everywhere and for good reason. They boost conversion!
Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of glancing over testimonials without actually looking for the key information to extract from each. The thing with reviews is many people will ramble so there’s a lot of fluff in them. You can’t exactly edit testimonials to make them read better. What I advise though is the only editing you do with testimonials is to correct the spelling to make it read professional. U to You, rite to right etc. Customers will appreciate that as it’s their name associated with the testimonial, but they won’t appreciate you changing wording around because it’s easy to put the wrong message across.
Hitting your prospects hard with the words of your customers
1. Provide commentary
For each customer testimonial you have, don’t just publish it as is. Take some time to learn more about the person, what they do, their social media handles etc. The more information you have, the better you can put a review description together.
Titles are the cornerstone of any web material. You’ll notice in blog posts, there are sub headings used throughout the page, making it more reader friendly.
Do the same with your testimonials pages. Give each, or at minimum the most prominent reviews from raving fans individual attention by giving it a title.
Creative Ways To Make Your Testimonials Work Better
Say for example, a carpet cleaning service contracted by a five-star hotel. That’s a testimonial the business owner would definitely want to stick out. Do that by titling it.
Award Winning 5-Star Hotel Chain Blown Away…
“Client’s words”
~ Name (@socialmediahandle)
Chances are you will be able to look through your reviews and be able to identify real winners that you want to put into the spotlight and hammer the words home to readers, showing you’re an established and trusted brand to do business with.
Titles will do that, and if you want to give more information, include a sentence or two to describe what you did or what was bought and then feed in the testimonial.
2. Make the content scannable
Most testimonials are published within quotation marks and also in italic. For emphasis, italics won’t work because the rest is already using that style format. Instead, identify the strongest part of the testimonial and put it bold. Limit that though to as few words as possible, a maximum of one sentence because otherwise it’ll dilute the bold text effectiveness.
3. Create success stories from the long reviews
When you’ve done a stellar job, some customers are ecstatic with the results. When you get the review in, you can find these are quite long winded but contain a lot of useful content that you definitely want visible to your prospects.
Success stories are widely read, more so than the testimonial themselves. What’s more is it gives you a chance to go through each individual element that the customer describes and provide your commentary on it.
By writing a success story post up, you’re able to give your website a higher human factor, and demonstrate you’re taking the feedback on-board from your customers.
If you aren’t getting the effectiveness you’d like to be getting from your customer reviews, run with any above ideas to get them working harder.

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