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Current Special Offers

Here are the latest special offers from some of the members of our Facebook Networking Group:
1. The Stuttering Therapy Centre:
We are offering 20% off the three day and five day stuttering course fee.
Please feel free to contact us at for more information.
2. 1st Life Management:
Free business consultation from 1st Life Management
Welcome to our recent members – It’s been good to connect with you all on Twitter and Facebook and I look forward to your business tweets and Facebook messages.
I notice there have been a number of email business requests in support of each other and maybe we can help. 1st Life Management is a business and personal development consultancy assisting business’ such as yourselves .we offer a FREE 1 hour consultation on our services which could benefit you greatly. please feel free to check out our website biographies and testimonials on Rob is a great business Guru who retired at 40 years after having lots of business’ in the private sector and it’s his specialist area. I myself have relevant experience in business development It would be interesting to hear a little more about your business’ to.
If after the FREE no obligation consultation you would like further services as a #UKLL member you are entitled to other favourable discounts and benefits.
Please read the testimonial written below from Marilyn of Grandmas Little Treats who took advantage of the FREE consultation and felt she benefited greatly. We can also assist you in the same way.
“As I am such a new business I thought I would take advantage of the very kind offer run by 1st Life Management – the husband and wife team of Toni and Rob Mclelland ( 01446 713588) of an hour’s free business coaching.
Well I was suitably impressed. All the admin to arrange the session handled in a professional and proficient manner – thanks to Toni, even responding on a Sunday!
I felt a bit daunted as obviously I did not know Rob and how he would work. I need not have worried, he was friendly and charming, at once putting me at ease.
He asked what I wanted out of the session and after an in depth discussion of where I was with everything, within 20 minutes the answers came flooding in. Core client base identified, some very practical solutions offered that need not cost the earth. The ongoing support offered is reasonable in price and very hands on. His 30 years experience seems to ensure you have the best of options and support to take the business forward.
I would be very happy to recommend them. Instead of floundering around, I now have a clear focus and feel that their guidance is certainly worth the investment.
Have a great day.
With best Wishes Marilyn”
If you would like to take advantage of the consultation then get in touch and I shall get you booked in at the earliest opportunity. Consultations can be undertaken by Skype or telephone as we have clients across the UK, so don’t be deterred by distance.
Best wishes with your business and I look forward to hearing from a few of you that may be in need of assistance with various aspects of your business.
Kind Regards
Toni Wiltshire-Mclelland