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Differentiating Between Blog Content And Website Content

Houston – we have a problem! Some companies are mistaking blogs for promotional tools. Why’s that a problem?
Blogs have never been, nor ever likely to be sales material. They are a supporting tactic for your online marketing and content outreach.
When you look at any website, there is static content on there. The main service or product being sold has the copywriting completed once… then tested, tweaked and perfected until it performs. If it never performs, then it will likely be updated to reflect improved copywriting that converts visitors into sales or leads.
Blogs do not do that. They do not serve a sales purpose.
The historical definition of a blog was a weblog. Usually operated by one person and they served the primary purpose of voicing opinion and generating discussion; hence the reason for blog comments.
However, nowadays corporate blogs are in widespread existence and the weblog and sharing of information isn’t the same as what it used to be. Instead, it’s used as a sales tool to promote products.
Think of this for a second…
What makes the better customer?
• An educated person who understands what they need
• A spur of the moment shopper
Depending on the nature of your business, the spur of the moment shopper may be the profile of your target customer, but for corporations where the point of sale requires a steep amount of money and careful consideration to the service or product people are buying – they need to be informed.
Your business is to be that resource and inform people.
That is the best use of a corporate blog. To inform the customer on the range of options they have, so they can feel reassured that when they finally make the decision to buy, they know they are buying from an expert company.
A company that has true expertise in whatever it is they are about to invest their money in.
Put into practice with a working example.
Let’s say that you own a sauna company, perhaps you have listings on eBay and Amazon to generate sales, and raise awareness of your corporate website.
How would a blog be used to inform customers?
It’s not by filling it with coupons, discounts and midnight sales promotions. It’s by generating a topical resource that is searchable with a variety of expert posts that educate the reader on the products available.
Woman in a sauna
Which title do you think would work best?
• This title? Sauna Sale Ending Midnight
• Or this title? Saunas and arthritis – The real skinny
That second title alone has already profiled a customer and it’s a new post that brings someone into your business that has a particular interest in that topic.
The static website lists the saunas for sale, but it really doesn’t, or can’t go in depth into every single customer profile the item would be suited to.
In this case, instead of updating a static web page… the company would be able to portray expertise in their field, and perhaps share the statistics of people suffering from arthritis. Maybe even drop in some testimonials from customers who purchased for this specific reason, and now a blog post is being published to offer readers the real value that the product can offer someone with this specific need.
The blog is an informational resource to educate consumers on a range of issues they are in prime position to help with.
Besides that, with every post published to a blog, there is the additional search engine listing for that page, and plenty of opportunity to attract new leads.
Use the blog to highlight your expertise, educate consumers on what they need to know and help steer them to make the right buying decision and find the product that’s perfect for their needs.
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