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Driving Your Social Media Conversations Via A Company Blog

Do you have a social media marketing strategy? If you do, then part of that plan may well include a blog for your business. The only way to drive your social media activity is by creating conversations.
Not joining them.
You can log into your accounts and join as many conversations as you like, but it will not work to promote your company website. What it will do is get your business name in front of your prospects, but it will not encourage people to engage with your business.
The route to social engagement is to be the conversation starter. Whatever product or services your business has to offer, you need to deliver above your service.
The way you do that is through your business blog. Without it, your social media efforts could be tarnished.
You business blog is where you share thought inspiring content that provokes consumers to engage with what you have to say.
Let’s say for example you’re running a cleaning service. That can serve a number of roles, such as general housekeeping to full blown commercial cleaning services for large chain hotels.
In a service-based business like that, you’d need to identify with two target audiences; the residential customer and the commercial businesses.
The content creation would need to cater to your target audience; therefore, no single post would attract both types of clients.
However, over time, you can build your companies expertise and trust through your blogging activities, to support your marketing efforts, and make you look at least credible enough for someone to pick up the phone and make an inquiry.
Engagement on social media
You need leads and that is what the company blog will do, but it needs to be managed carefully for it to do just that.
What you cannot do is operate your blog for blatant marketing support. The average consumer will spend around 10 hours per day digesting information. Some of that is reading, sometime attending events like seminars or online webinars, with others consuming their content through radio, and television.
The universal driver to the information people consume is knowledge. The more knowledge you can provide your target audience with, the more they will engage with your business, and later they will begin to trust you enough to do business with you.
What are the benefits to your customers from doing business with you?
That’s the first place to start before you string together your first blog post. You need to identify with your prospects, and tailor content to help improve their knowledge base.
It can mean that you’re giving away at least part of your service secrets, but that level of transparency is what drives consumer-buying decisions. If you tell your customers that your cleaning service gets superior results, because you use x y z brand of eco-friendly cleaning products, then you’re sharing the reasons for them to do business with you.
Here’s a simple cleaning solution that will work miracles on dried on food stains on your cooker!
Then share a recipe for a homemade cleaning solution you made.
We used this glass jar, placed some orange rinds inside it, and filled it up with Distilled White vinegar. After two weeks, it’s the most powerful, all–natural de-greaser that we’ve ever used.
You could expand on that, and let your customers know it is 100% natural, eco-friendly because you used vinegar that does not contain ethanol, produced in the manufacturing process.
Use your blog to enhance your businesses perception and let your customers know what goes on behind the scenes. There’s never going to be a service where the customer sees everything involved in your business.
Pull the curtains back a little, and let them peak inside your business… get to know you, your company, and the staff you employ.
People love to know things. They thrive on knowledge, and they love transparency. The more you can feed people’s needs, the more they will engage with you, and that is the unspoken secret of powerful blogging for business.
1. Starting the conversations on company blogs
2. Driving the conversations on social media
And then by combining the two you have yourself a powerful lead generating magnet, through content driven engagement.
When you can do that, then you can do this.
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