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Google Plus Management Service
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Around the UK, there’s an ever-growing amount of offline businesses turning to the digital world. When your business makes that shift, you might just be putting the cart before the horse though.
While competition is rife in every industry, it’s even more competitive online. That’s because when you get your business website live, you’re no longer competing with the other local businesses owners, as you’re moving into a global stratosphere.
That requires marketing your services, specifically geo-targeted to the UK, or individual cities around the country, targeting the areas your service covers, or delivers to.
That’s part of what my UK Google Plus Management Service can do for your business. Align your company with your ideal prospects, start rapport building with potential clients, and help to brand your company around the country.
Your business goes from local to global the instant your website goes live. Without an effective marketing campaign behind you, you could find yourself acquiring boatloads of untargeted traffic, or even worse spending time building relationships with people where it’s impossible for them to do business with you, due to geographical limitations.
While you can’t disregard anyone in social media, you can control the audience you attract.
That’s done through your social media marketing campaign. Where time is best spent on relationship building with super targeted prospects, and not tyre kickers hooking into a hangout for a friend to chat with and jump on Google Play for a bit.
Social media for business is so much different from consumer use. You have to be the leader of the pack to set yourself apart.
That’s what the Google Plus Management service can help you with
The tricky part when you become involved in social media is that it can be disorientating to know who to follow, where to leave comments that encourages response, share any valuable posts you see from someone you want to connect with, and build a rapport with your prospects, all in the course of a days work.
That’s the essential component needed for success in any social media campaign, regardless of whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or a combination of all the major networking communities.
Social media marketing success
Google Plus takes things a bit further though, and that’s because of all the entities that link into your Google Plus page. That’s part of what makes it ideal for marketing your business.
You can build a raving following of fans all around the areas your business operates in, have your location pinpointed on Google maps, and have your picture up there in the SERPs, listed alongside your organic search listing.
You can tie your business page into your YouTube video channel, analytics, and social media account, and get valuable data from all your marketing channels, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness and reach of your social media campaign.
The same benefits apply to your prospects too
They too, can access all of Google, or at least the accounts they have open. Such as Google+, YouTube, and perhaps even a Blogger account. Any service that allows a sign in via Google can be used by anyone to become a part of the Google Network.
It’s the reason the platform has been able to come in late to the world of social media, and still overtake Twitter, to become the second largest social media network around.
One of the best things you can do to ensure you’re optimised for the UK search, is to update your business name, location, and contact details to your profile – link that into your business website, claim your authorship, getting a nifty by-line in the search results.
That will then create the Google vision of personalised results to everyone in your circles.
In essence, any search you do, a plus one acts as a recommendation. It’s friends, and the friends of friends, who signal to Google what they’re interests are, who they know and trust, and then that’s factored into search, delivering personalised results with what is seen to be a trusted endorsement from someone in your circle. The brilliance of technology!
The more connections you make, the more reach you get.
Here is the link to my Personal account on Google Plus:
My Google Plus Marketing service is the tool of choice to take you to that powerful and trustworthy position, by building your connections, establishing reach in the areas you need covered, and branding your business throughout the process.
I charge a monthly fee of £135 for managing the Google Plus accounts of my clients and at the outset I welcome you to have a One Week Free Trial for you to see the way in which I work, before deciding whether you would like to go ahead with the service.
If this service is of interest I welcome you to contact me at the outset for a quick chat. This enables me to talk you through exactly what I do and enables you to ask any questions which you have. I look forward to speaking to you.
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