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How To Stop Being Boring On Social Media

How boring are your social media pages? Be honest with yourself. When you scan the pages of others, you’re likely internally analysing the content. Scan your news feed and give no attention to the vast majority of noise polluting your feeds.
Stop to think for a second about the noise you’re putting out. You will have a strong message to send to your fan base and grow your following, however, are you following tried and tested ways to get results from social media? Unsurprisingly – being boring isn’t one of them.
Here’s how to amplify your marketing message so you don’t come across as boring:
1) Load up your infobank with interesting stuff
Half the battle of content marketing is knowing what to talk about in the first place. That’s easy when you use Buzzsumo. It’s a social metrics measurer. All you do is plug in your niche, find the influencers and the proven topics that have been a hit on social platforms with readers. You’ll see whether Facebook has been a huge success with thousands of shares, or if that fell flat and the images went viral on Pinterest instead. By knowing the platforms your target audience is on, you can better tailor your content and the promotion of it.
There’s nothing quite like a crystal ball to let you know you’re on the right tracks before you spend time creating content on a whim. The only thing not to do is blatantly take something that’s already been a hit and do the same. You have to come at it from a different angle. It’s all about fresh perspectives and different angles.
2) Get your sources nailed
Every piece of content starts with a little inspiration. That inspiration is best to come directly from your target audience. You can go to, input your website URL, or that of a competitor, scroll down the page and look at the “also visited websites”. That – as it sounds, will give you a list of websites your users, or your competitors are heading to after they are done on that website. Identify the next visit as a search, or a forum, or (Q and A site) then you know the information is not filling a gap for information.
Social media success
Find that gap and you can move in, creating content that fills that gap so your readers don’t head back to run more searches. A good indicator you’re on the right tracks.
3) Pinterest story boards – Be a Part of It
Images are digital currency and they’re certainly worth more than the buck it costs for some stock photos from some of the larger image repositories. There’s no blog post complete without an image, or two or three on that web page too. It helps add visual appeal and break the content up. Looking at thousands of words and no visuals is not appealing and will lead to a high bounce rate.
Multimedia is always better.
If your audience is part of the Pinterest community, they will have storyboards. Your images can be featured in some of those and that in itself is a gigantic traffic source for referrals.
4) Size matters
Image sizes leave a lot to be desired. Get the sizing wrong and they can make you look dumb. In particular, images with text because they need to be readable without having to “copy link address” and “open new tab”, then resize it to readable size.
The whole point of using text in images is to make your content visually appealing. It’s why infographics are popular. Thankfully, the web’s a great place for information and thanks to #Kevin King of Sprout Social we know the best sizes for the best social platforms for the best purpose. All that’s left for us to take care of is the content creation, then the promotion.
Creating the content is the difficult part but it’s certainly made easier with the first two steps listed above. Grab the information, load up with quality research and then get your outreach into action. If you really want to get eyeballs fast, there’s always promoted content. Facebook ads could work, as could Stumbleupon ads, or even
One thing’s for sure and that is to get the most mileage out of your content, it has to be superior to your competition, be visually appealing, and be shareworthy. The more of that content you have, the more appealing your social pages can be because you’ll have good content to share, and some decent graphics to mix things up and make your shares stand out amidst all the noise.
All you need to do then is consistently stay engaged with your audience. Set alerts up in your niche, be among the first to know about newly published material and share only the most interesting, and of course visually appealing information from across the web.

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