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Is The Quality Of Your Content Negatively Impacting On The Performance Of Your Website?

You have a professional looking and well designed website however you are not receiving the traffic you believe the site should be. This can be somewhat frustrating and even worrying. This is especially the case for those people that are relying on that search traffic to bring them business and therefore profits.

So what can one do in this situation?

Question mark re why choose Top Notch Content

There are many factors that make up Google’s algorithm. They like to keep the main aspects of their “secret sauce” very much to themselves however something they are very much prepared to concede is that the standard of the content of a website needs to be of the highest quality.

With so many websites to choose from it must be quite a task for Google to make up a “top ten” which in essence is where you need to rank to pull in a decent and worthwhile amount of traffic. It goes without saying, or at least it should, that they want to rank the best designed websites with the best content on this front page for their organic results.

You may well have heard of the Google Panda update and for those of you that haven’t it would be a good idea to conduct your own research on this algorithmic update. In a nutshell it was an update that rewarded higher quality content and which demoted lower quality or what is often referred to as “thin content”.

But who are Google to decide what is or is not quality content? This is a question I am asked on a regular basis and the answer is quite simple; they don’t. They can see from the bounce rate of your website and by what is called “the return to search” which is where users quickly return to the search results after viewing your website, in search no doubt for “a better result”. Therefore it is the user that is deciding and not Google.

If you are utilising the power of social media, and in my opinion you should be, the higher the quality of content you produce the more “likes”, “plus one’s”, “retweets” and “shares” it should receive. These social signals are likely, many industry experts believe, to have a bigger role to play in the Google algorithm as time goes by. Whether this will be borne out only time will tell however they are already impacting on the personalised results and let’s face it we are all now seeing personalised results when searching from our home.

In conclusion it is of paramount importance to ensure that the content of your website is of the highest quality and to that end it may well be worthwhile to visit some of the pages of your site to revamp the existing content. This is likely to be beneficial for you over the longer term. And being a person that offers an article writing service I welcome you to contact me if you require any help with regards the content revamp.

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