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Mastering Your Content Marketing Channels

How To Gain Maximum Exposure For Your Top Notch Content

There’s a time and a place for everything and that goes for content too. For sales orientated pages, or promotional materials, they belong on a business website. Social is not the place to go promo blasting. Granted that even Facebook has started to use sponsored listings, in a bid to increase revenue, but that’s their bad for going public on the stock market.

For business owners, that doesn’t matter though. What does matter is that the time spent on social media channels is not the traffic that’s going to bring home the bacon. That traffic needs to laser targeted, and you just cannot do that on any social media platform, nor are they designed for those purposes.

Sales and leads are what a website is designed for. It’s your retail outlet online, or your advertising billboard full of your companies information, promises, guarantees, and any special offers you’re running. Social media is there to help you spread the word, but make no mistake about it. The traffic you get from social media is not going to bring over paying customers consistently. The most targeted customer you can attract online is right within a search result listing. Especially the review pages on Google Plus.

Social media channels are conversational. It’s where you interact with people and represent your business with expertise. It’s not where you go to sell your newly launched product or service.

It’s like sitting in a bar having a drink with your mates, for a mobile phone salesman to interrupt you trying to sell a new smart phone. How would you feel if someone did that? Probably not interested and downright agitated for the brass neck to interrupt your conversation.

A similar atmosphere can be created across social media if you go heavy on the promotion. It’ll eventually lead to advertisement blindness. Your brand name will pop up, and people will expect a promotion and not give it a second glance.

A quick post however can take the opposite effect. It can raise enough curiosity for the click through to occur bringing the casual browser over to your website.

It’s fly by traffic, unless you can really tug their emotions to engage with them on the highest of levels. Provide them with great information, educationally loaded with golden nuggets, highlighting your true expertise.

• Social media is used for audience engagement

• Audience engagement builds trust

Trust equates to people talking and that could be with you about your service, or with others looking for something that you have to offer.

With the balance of trust factors coming from social media, signals are raised within search engines, which use algorithms to determine quality websites worthy of showing on the search engine results page, and voila –

That is where you’re targeted prospects are searching and are referred to you

To get your content going that extra mile for your business, and for it to continue doing so, there’s a fine balance you need for the words on the page.

Gaining maximum exposure for your content

Search engines and people use certain keywords to find what they’re looking for. Every website owner who has looked into search knows this, and most will compete for organic listings, which essentially provide free advertising space in search engines, when set up right.

Go in hard with the keywords and you’ll do more damage than good. Typically, they only need to be mentioned a couple of times as the writing is required to be written naturally in a manner for readers to understand – Not spiders (Geek speak).

That said, if you have been looking for an article writer, chances are that you may have come across an order page where you’re required to provide keyword data for your content to be themed around. That’s what I refer to as old school web copy and I don’t believe business owners should have that hassle on them, as you’ll no doubt agree – you’ve better things to do with your time.

It’s for that reason I take a different approach. No content comes through without a consultation, and that’s a free one at that. We can’t do business together if we aren’t on the same page.

Here at Top Notch Content, we’re probably among a very select few, if not the only UK article writing service offering full website management, updates, and social media integration… providing the full a la carte service that brings you an engaged audience.

That audience helps your SEO efforts scale to a stage where organic traffic growth can increase in a stable manner.

In a nutshell, I set the ball rolling and handle things online for you, letting you take care of your business offline.

Social brings engaged readers, browsing your site so you need to engage with those readers. The more engaged you can capture people on social media, lends support to ongoing organic search engine growth. Social spreads the word, and your website content sells your product or service. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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