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Social Media Management Package

In brief:
Social Media Management Special Offer Package
With this package we manage the Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook accounts of our clients
We also write them a weekly blog post
Monthly fee £350
One Week Free Trial Available
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More information:
How do you fancy putting a beat down on your competition, really upping the stakes, increasing your fans, followers, social shares, and maybe even… gaining real user reviews started (or on the increase), adding to a real boost to your marketing investment?
Wait ‘til you see the super incentivised package I have for you and your online audience (if you don’t have an audience, I’ll get you one).
For those who have took the time to really see what’s on offer with, you’ll no doubt have noticed that I custom create your content, tailored to meet the needs of your target audience, which naturally increases your social sharing.
As social media marketing is the fastest and most efficient way to get people actively conversing with your business, after meeting you through the content, tailor created for you, I further that to boost your results with an additional service of Facebook and Twitter marketing, managing your social activity on your behalf.
However, there’s a far wider reach that I’ve been silently beta-testing on the fly, and the results… well, they’re a far cry from shy. Completely turnkey with minimum fuss, and a full blown success that totally blew me away with the fast and efficient increase in user engagement, across all three top social media networks.
What’s the third?
I’m talking about the Google Plus network. The one owned and operated by the search engine giant that every business owner with a website wants to tap for traffic and reach online.
That’s exactly what Google serves you up with, on the Plus network.
After thoroughly researching the service prior to testing, the interesting part is that Google does not classify the Plus as a social media network. It’s described as an authorship tool.
Here at Top Notch Content, I author the content to boost your reach online. Naturally when the biggest database holder of every decent page of digital content is Google, it makes sense to use the tools they have to ensure they know about your spectacular content.
That’s why I’m proud to announce the latest addition to the services offered and throw everything into the one convenient package, making it a complete no brainer to go for it!
I’m calling it My Special Offer Monthly Management Package and here’s the reason(s) why
1)      First up, obviously it includes the original writing service
I’ll personally speak with you about your service, business, or product inventory to ensure we’re on the same page for your content requirements.
The more details I have, the more epic a job I can do in custom creating your content, that’ll speak volumes to readers. It ensures they’re able to put trust in the content they read, and take the actions you present to them.
Whether that’s to click a link to increase your website traffic, divert to a partner site, or hit the super-important order button… the content will be designed to work as hard as it can to meet your goals.
2)       I’ll include Facebook and Twitter Marketing
Since launching the social media marketing service, there’s been nothing but positive feedback. One of my main business goals is to always provide proof written material, asking why a person would share it with someone else. I’m passionate about writing quality information that readers can absorb, soak up and learn a thing or two, which ultimately leads them to want to pass that wealth of information on to others, therefore sharing it via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and even StumbleUpon.
There are so many referrals a website can gain traffic from online, it’s impossible to list them all. What is possible though is to list the main three players that get the momentum going for your sensational content.
Those three are:
1. Facebook
2. Google+
3. Twitter
In that order too!
Google Plus is the second largest social media platform right now, with the most beneficial factors for business owners, making it a no-brainer to include to put a stranglehold on your social media marketing campaigns.
3)      I’ll manage Google Plus so you don’t have to
After beta testing the service in-house, I have found that it’s actually one of the most pleasurable platforms to work with. I can see why it’s gained traction so fast, and if you do try it out yourself you might find yourself spending quite a bit of time on there. There’s a bit of everything, making it suitable for everyone.
Good job I’m disciplined in time management.
Time management
What I offer here is not just doing what most people do and use this for a couple of plus ones, re-shares or the like. I spend the time networking with others.
Everything is organised through circles, and when you have the organisation part down, you can have circles of all different people. Some for customers, others for networking opportunities, perhaps even potential new suppliers. It doesn’t matter what type of person you’re marketing is geared towards, because of the sheer size of the Google Plus community.
Similar to how you go about growing followers on Twitter, and likes on Facebook, with reciprocation and engagement, the same applies with Google Plus.
The more isn’t always the merrier though. I’ll be spending time on the platform, commenting, sharing, re-sharing, plus one-ing other great resources, and ensuring your company names visibility is super charged across the most targeted circles applicable to your business.
To recap this package is where I manage your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts on your behalf and where I also write four blog posts per month.
This package is available for a monthly fee of £350 and I offer a One Week Free Trial at the outset.
Please feel free to contact me to take advantage of this offer or if you have any questions regarding it.
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