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Never Again Should You Pay Unscrupulous Copywriting Fees for High Quality Content!

You know you need content to be found online. You know it’s got to engage your readers, transform them from prospect to customer, and you know there are freelance copywriters to deliver the results you need.

At what cost do you draw the line though?

Whether you’re after…

• A one page service description

• A revamp of an old school web copy that’s gone drastically wrong in 2014

• Some engaging blog posts to boost your audience, drawing readership in and crossing them over to your service page to get the order button pressed

…Content is your primary business driver.

Words sell your service, they shift the products from your shelf (virtual of physical), and they keep your balance books positive.

That is if you’re getting the copy written at a price that allows for a positive ROI.

Back before I created the service here, I remember being quoted £80 for a simple one page of copy for a client’s website.

I scoured a ton of freelance copywriters in the UK, and the quotes were abysmal!

The more I researched the art of copywriting to get a feel for the service, and why it was acquiring such absurd rates, the more appalling it became.

True copywriting is an art, but it’s not something you need a master’s degree to do.

The only thing you need is a knack for using the right words to talk to the appropriate readership level and get a conversation going in your prospects heads.

Something I can do myself, very well, and I now make a living out of it.

Want to know the secret to great copywriting?

Lean in close and let me share my recipe for crafting words that sell…


That’s right. Don’t fix what’s not broken. For years, copywriting has been studied and practiced with great success. The most powerful word in the Oxford Dictionary is “Yes”.

The most powerful tool on a copywriter’s computer is a swipe file; a file that’s opened daily with a ton of words that inspire action.

Without that file, a flimsy copywriter could spend weeks crafting one page of copy. That’s why the rates shoot sky high.

They can take forever to draft the copy and spend even longer revising it to perfection.

Believe your eyes as I press your curiosity button.

Who else wants to know how to get content that sells for less?

Does this peek your interest?

Here’s why… The two words “who else” implies that others are already benefiting. Just that one implication furls brows and forces you to click and read more. But since you’re already here…

Listen up, because you’re about to learn the one service that gives you premium access to top notch content for 75% off the market price!

Guess what it is?

It’s a self plug for my Top Notch Content Service ;)

I’ve been quoted £80 for one page of web copy, and I know
I can match the quality, and probably exceed it in most cases.

I do it for only £20 a page and what’s more than that is I’ve tailored the service into packages to bring you even more savings.

More content for even less.

Go ahead and hit me up at, ring me on 0121 453 9208, or on my mobile number which is 07967 549 070 and I’ll walk you through what I can do for you.

Of course, you can always choose to pay more elsewhere, but after just coming out of recession, when money is still tight…I’m sure you’ll know what to do….

Speak soon,

Steve Hill

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