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Private Facebook Networking Group

We run a Private Facebook Networking Group which has well over one hundred members. These are people that love to network and who are happy to comment on other people’s posts, like other people’s posts, share other people’s posts and like other people’s pages.
This network is therefore mainly to help our Facebook page/s to gain additional exposure. The more people that make comments on our posts; share our posts and like our posts, the better. This then helps these posts and our future posts/notifications to become seen by more people.
The members also tend to “like” the other member pages, that is if they like them of course, which they normally do etc. This is something which is quite sought after, as gaining additional “likes” is far from an easy task for the majority of Facebook pages.
I forward the members an updated list of member pages, including the new members/pages, via e-mail, on either a weekly or twice monthly basis. Therefore if you would like to become a member, your Facebook page will be forwarded to all of the other members. This should provide you with a large amount of new likes/fans immediately, plus on an ongoing basis.
You do not have to like any of the pages, and you do not have to comment, share, or like any of the pages posts/notifications. It is quite simple, you only like, share and comment on the pages that you like.
There are additional benefits to becoming a member including:
The members are forwarded a hash tag which they can include in their tweets. We retweet every tweet, which includes this hash tag
Free Shout Outs:
When a member has something that they would like to promote they forward us an e-mail which we then upload to our Facebook page as a free shout out. This particular Facebook page has around nine hundred “likes” at the time of writing this (June 2013).
Member Exclusive Offers and Referral Scheme:
This is where members are able to offer special discounts to the other members and where they can offer incentives for referrals from other members.
As an example I could offer a discount of 30% off our web design service for all of the members of the network. Plus offer them a referral fee of £100 for every friend or acquaintance that they recommend to us (where the friend goes ahead).
These offers and referral incentives will be sent via e-mail to the rest of the members of the group.
As the membership grows the more powerful the network will be.
Those people that take up our Twitter and Facebook Management Service are able to become a member of this group for free, if they want to.
For everyone else we offer a One Month FREE TRIAL so that you can see whether the group is something that would be beneficial for your Facebook page, after which time there is a monthly fee of £19.95.
If you would like to take up the FREE TRIAL please click on the Subscribe button below:



After we have received notification of your subscription, we will contact you to request information such as the name of your Facebook page/s.
At any point during the first month if you decide that you do not want to continue to be a member of the group you can simply cancel the subscription by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button above. The first payment of £19.95 will only be taken at the start of the second month.
You can read about the current special offers of our members on this page of our website: