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Sprinkling Love Into Your Online Content

For writing SEO content, the one thing that’s blanket taught is about getting your keywords in your title. That’s all fine and well to get your content found, but it’s not always going to be read. If it isn’t being read, it’s losing the benefit of social shares.
You need to capture the attention of your target reader, and that needs you get creative.
Not too creative though. It’s not impossible, but will take a little thinking. It’s something that savvy content publishers have been using for years, and it’s also something that separates the big publishing sites, from the micro websites that turn readers away almost instantaneously.
If you’re sitting on a website with a high bounce rate, then the following will steer you on the right path to rectify things.
Getting your content syndicated the way it should be done.
The right way to begin with and the keywords are only part of the writing process.
The reason you aren’t picked up and increasing your social shares is because…
Your title isn’t giving reader love!
If you know anything about copywriting, you’ll know that it’s all being benefit orientated. Why do you think it is that “how to” posts are so popular on almost every website? Not to mention the farm sites that’s evolved around the phrase. Ehow hic hum.
The how to phrase conveys to readers attention because they know they’re about to learn something new. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be searching for the term in the first place, as it wouldn’t have crossed their minds.
The problem is that with titles containing keywords only don’t give a reason to read it. The reason comes back around the copywriting rules.
Keep it benefit orientated to your readers. Sprinkle your titles with a bit of written love!
Here’s an example…
How to Tie a Tie
Who’s going to be searching for that? A young lad, maybe just been promoted to a prefect, or someone getting ready for prom night. When you know the person you’re writing to, you’re going to attract engagement, right off the bat.
The more emotional aspect of that phrase is the lad that’s going to be dawning the formal wear for prom night, to impress his plus one.
What title do you think would be appealing out the following?
1. How to tie a tie
2. How to Tie a Tie for the Ultimate WOW impression!
The first one is bland. It’s, it’s blah, blah, blah boring. The second one when it shows up is going to be attractive for enticing the searcher into your content.
The both pages may contain the same information. Tie it like this for a short tie, if you want to lengthen the tie, do this, and if you’re wanting to form a bow tie, this is how to do that.
The information still remains the same, although worded differently on each web page. You just need to get that person onto your website from their search.
You do that with an engaging title. To make it engaging, you put the benefit in the title.
If you’re audience is looking to spite their sister…
57 ways to shed fast and make your sister green with envy
Don’t do that ;)
Unlikely but you see the way the titles are geared towards specific terms and readers. Not just the keywords. The keywords only form part of the title. The rest of the title should be benefit orientated, and that benefit needs to address your reader before they hit the page for the information.
You’re title creates the mindset.
When someone searches for information, they may, and often are experiencing frustration at all the boring stuff they have to weed through to find what they’re after. Every search, they have ten results to choose from, in addition to the sponsored ads. That’s just for those on Google search. For other search engines, the ads may be higher, with even more results.
People are bombarded with options, and strapped for time. They want information now, and then to get back to what they had planned.

Man in a rush

Create that for them within your title. Let them know you have them covered.
Your title should immediately wow your reader and make them feel that this is the page they need. Their search is over. They have the results.
Then when they click through and get their solution, that’s when you get the social shares, when you’ve made a delightful experience from the initial search results, to delivering the information.
That’s another reason you want to be sure you know your target audience, before you publish anything.
Meet people where they’re at in their search, and put your advice in front of them. Make it top notch from start to finish, and you’ll find your readers sharing your content across social media, cutting your marketing back, giving you more time to create further top notch content, pages that are engaging and work to expand your reach.
It only takes a bit of love in that title to set the ball rolling.
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