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Tap Twitter for Top Traffic to Grow Your Business

The days for consumer savviness involving a trip to the shop, buying newspapers, sifting through special offers and cutting out coupons are long gone. Those are the times of the past. Modern times move faster.
Social media made sure of that. Sites like MySpace perhaps paved the way for social media, but the true revolution got underway when both Twitter and Facebook took cyberspace into another dimension.
Back when they first started gaining momentum, people flocked to gather with their friends, hanging out and connecting more. As with any place where there’s a mass of people hanging out, businesses want to get in front of that audience.
And here’s the big but in the equation.
Did you know that the vast majority of Tweeters are on Twitter for more than hanging around with their social circle?
They’re actually on there being “consumer savvy.” Companies that are “Business Savvy” have a huge advantage with this information.
Why is that? – Because smart business owners get to know their target audience, on a deeper level:
  • They share things with people
  • Poll people
  • Engage with people
  • Contact directly with their customers
  • Build relationships
  • And have a laugh along the way
They get inside the minds of their consumers and guess what they often discover?
Consumers follow businesses because they know their loyalty is rewarded.
If you know the value of a:
  • Spring/summer sale
  • End of season clearance
  • BOGOF offers etc
You’ll know how many customers come through your door when you have a special offer to offer.
Try advertising that special offer offline and see how much it costs you. If you want word out fast that your company site is running a promo, you may even find yourself looking at the internet’s advertising giant…
Google AdWords!
Yowzers, that’s going to cost. Then there is the time investment.
How long would it take you to come up with a promotional and intriguing message to get maximum click through rates? Ones with a low cost per click, and then consider the fact that you’re limited to just 25 characters. What can you going to tell a consumer in 25 characters?
How about we take the cost per click out the equation, multiply your character limit by five, and throw in a few extras to boot?

That’s what you get with Twitter.

One hundred & forty characters to say anything you want to say. Not just marketing, but social engagement. Consumers want to see personality in the companies they do business with.
You get to put a face to a name within your customer services department. HR personnel can have their Twitter presence representing your business too. Or you can have a marketing firm do it all for you.
To get the most out of Twitter, you need followers. Overdo it though and you’ll have one major PR headache.
Tweeters tend to follow those with a high number of followers. They won’t follow the people with a ton more on their following than they do on their followers list.
It’s kind of like a non-creepy stalking thing on Twitter. To get the best benefits you can’t be creepy about it. You need to engage with people on there and show them you’re real. Not everything is about your business. A good joke can do you wonders for you too.
Of course, to tap Twitter for quality and targeted traffic, ready to extract prospects to convert into loyal customers, it helps to know your crowd.
As a business owner, you’ll more than likely know all there is to know about your target audience. You’ll be aware of their buying habits, the seasonal trends, the social events that trigger your customers to spend more, and everything else that adds to your bottom line.
What you probably don’t know though is how to interact with your customers online. It’s a different world.
Twitter is like one massive blog on there. The average Tweeter will follow along with updates from sites with blogs. They’ll retweet like crazy because it’s one click simple.
People love simplicity. You will too.
That’s the thing though. Small business owners take the business approach to the Twitter platform and they often fall flat. To get the real benefits, you need to Tweet with a passion. Forget the profitability and focus on the value of contribution.
Twitter takes a certain type of person to make it work for business. A person who is…
A people pleaser!
Someone who loves interaction and boy! Is Twitter full of those. You can spend days in here doing nothing but building relationships. For a business though, it takes balance.
Let’s talk followers and how you get Tweeters following your business
  • Interaction
You need to converse with people regularly. Often times tweeting 10 – 50 times per DAY, depending on how much user activity your account is attracting. Run a competition and you’ll probably need a full time social media marketing manager to handle your campaign, as you head your way up the Twitter trends boards.
Imagine seeing “Trending now on Twitter (#your company name)
That’s the possibilities but thankfully it’s not a competition. Every small, medium, and large business has the same chance of success on Twitter, regardless of their budget.
The way you use it is your only limitation.
  • Direct Contact
The benefits of social media
You can do much more than tweet your followers and interact on other pages with 140 characters. If you’re into lead generation, you’ll know the importance of someone giving you that email address to keep in touch with you.
That’s something people are shying away from as their email is constantly bombarded with junk. Your message could even be filtered.
How about using Twitter as your lead gen magnet? Letting you use direct communication with your customers.
That’s what you get when someone follows you. In direct contact, the messages are one to one and personal to the person you send it too. It’s sent directly to the person’s inbox and not posted publicly.
Use this feature smartly and you can make a lasting impression, leading to word of mouth marketing being done for you.
  • Putting personal touches to your business
People like to keep things real. They love personalisation. That’s easy on Twitter. Whatever your business day is like just Tweet about it.
“Mental in work with crazy costumes for Halloween (link)”
That link that you provide, takes your followers onto your blog where you have the most recent activities and events taking place in your business.
There’s a reason the blog is mentioned instead of the website. Twitter, in its own merit is a bloggers platform. It’s a time line in real time with Tweeters tweeting what’s going on as it happens. They respond to interactive blogs with comments open, better to a static sales page.
Sales increases are done through customer interaction on Twitter.
  • R and D
Masters on Twitter are never stuck for stuff to tweet about. They will turn to the research search functions which update every 4 minutes with the latest tweets, industry news, (local and national), search the trends, monitor their business name to see what’s being said, and see what events are taking place in either the local area, or the industry market.
There’s never a dull moment as people are tweeting by the second. Every fourth minute, you’ll have more ideas to engage with your followers. That’s what can lead you to getting Twitter Addiction.
Of course, with all your followers increasing, driving your sales volume up, you’ll need to up the customer services to ensure your business growth is growing stable and sustainable. You don’t want negativity about your business spreading on Twitter.
To avoid that…poll your customers. Show them you care about them. Ask them how they found their experience with your company. Ask what you could do better. Ask them if they’d mind reviewing your company in a local business directory.
There’s no shame in asking and it’s often just the personal response from someone real that earns businesses the most loyal of customers.
Tap Twitter by using those sorts of services to increase customer satisfaction, while doubling your marketing reach by asking for a review.
To get to that stage though, you need to get started.
Give your business a #hashtag and propel your marketing on Twitter.
Twitter has the traffic. It’s a click happy crowd that will follow the links of the businesses they follow. Put the right offer in front of those following you, and you can sit back and reap the rewards of your efforts.
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