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The 3 Components You Need To Get Your Business Blog Thriving

Content marketing should be a mandatory requirement to all business plans. The fact is that if your business isn’t online now, it’s only a matter time before you need to take the plunge.
Right now, chances are you don’t have a clue about how to take your business online, and if you already have, how’s it working out?
If you aren’t getting the results you hoped online marketing would bring to your business, I’ll try and shed some light on why that might be.
In my opinion, there are only three factors that spell out success to your business online.
Those are
‌1) Writing
‌2) Promotion
‌3) Engagement
In that order too.
• Start with compelling content
One of the weird/funny/intriguing things that I’ve noticed with working with offline clients is that they don’t recognise that their competitors are blogging.
In the offline space, the blogs are categorised under a “news” page, so it gives the impression that they aren’t blogging, but the fact is they are. In quite a few niche businesses around the Birmingham and West Midlands area, I’m the guy powering some of those ‘news’ pages with fresh content and gaining traction to them.
If you frequent any of your competitor’s websites, look to see if they have a news section and then keep an eye on the updates. You’ll notice that the updates are blog posts, and not really news related at all. The fresh content is industry related, so it makes it news for their industry, and that is why their ahead of you online.
You need content, updated regularly but more than that, it’s a stepping stone to get you up to the second phase of content outreach.
• Top notch content gives you something to promote on social media channels
To get success with social media you have to spread the link love. Every SMB is competing for eyeballs, and the best that do actually see success from social channels and do so because they are networked. They have followers in the industry, and just by you following others in your niche area of expertise, you get your name on the radar.
Once your name or brand name is on the radar, you then gather followers when you spread the good work of others in your industry. When it comes to your own content, if you’re sharing the work of others a few times a day, every business day, you’re sharing around fifteen pieces each working week.
You’re only publishing one per week so a ratio of 15/1 is certainly not using social media for self promotion. Moreover, of the other fifteen shares you provide to others, it is fifteen potential influencers to promote your content and grow your own network of influence.

Grow your network

It’s just simple mathematics.
• Your network of influence pushes you into audience engagement
This is the tier you need to reach for your business to flourish online. You absolutely need the direct engagement with your followers, and it’s a simple metric to measure. It’s when you start intertwining usernames, and mentioning others right within your shares and they do too for you.
You become adept to engaging your audience with each share you put out. By knowing your audience through direct communications, you’ll begin to understand who each person is. That is unless you grow to a substantial amount of thousands of followers when direct communication and personal insight to each of your followers becomes impossible.
That’s something that’s unlikely to happen and even if it does, you’ll still have at least a handful of influential power users who will go out of their way to see your epic content reach their fans and followers.
The entire social sphere is all about networking. You cannot tap that powerhouse without having epic content to put in front of people. With the content on your site for readers to soak up, they can then connect by following your updates on social sites.
That’s the simplest way I can tell you about marketing your business online.
• Write epic content
• Promote that content through your established network
• Engage with people throughout the promotion and follow up with every interaction
Any questions you have, you can email me (Steve) at and I’ll be happy to help you out if I can.


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