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The Infiltration Power Of Top Notch Copywriters

Stringing together words is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why the majority of corporations would rather pull rank on their staff, or go a bit further and employ someone to take care of their written content.
Press releases, website copy, brochures, blog updates, social media etc. It’s a heck of a lot of content for any company to manage in-house.
But, do you really know what goes on behind the scenes?
Truth is that you probably don’t and neither do many of the proclaimed writing services. They see the content as a marketing strategy.
Here at, I’m not only strategic in the approach to content marketing, but I go way above the industry average and infiltrate client’s websites.
I work silently in the background, and the only thing clients see is a class act when the content’s uploaded to their blogs, and “live” for them on the worldwide information grid, ready for global audience reach.
All they do is sit back, read it, soak it up, and go, man, that’s a heck of a read. Yes I am rather confident in my ability lol!
Do you know why it’s top notch every time?
It is because it’s usually better than their competition.
I Indirectly Slaughter Your Competition
There are writers out there, and there are marketers out there. There’s seldom a full blown content marketer though. Someone who can strategically analyse the competition, pull up competitor analysis details that you’d only expect from an SEO consultant. By using services like, I’m able to scrutinize your competition for you.
They’re your enemy, and I’m theirs, yet they never though they’ve been targeted.
Outsourcing your content marketing is like hiring a covert private eye. They’re silently there stringing together the right words that are bang on time with what’s going on in topical conversations on social media.
Competition is targeted, analysed, and assassinated; covertly of course, and nothing sinister. It’s not like I’m going after your competition directly or anything malicious. It’ s just that I spy on them to see what they’re doing, and then I can make damn sure that I do a much grander job and stiff your competition.
For all they know, you could have brought in an entire PR department, and it can look like it, because after all,
• I infiltrate your blog with top notch content
• Frequently update it
• Take care of comments from your readers. (if you enable them)
• Spread the word across social media
To make sure readers land on a client’s site, I’m all over the major social platforms, increasing audience reach, engaging with followers, building rabid fans, and gathering you brand ambassadors.
There’s just no way your competition has a chance to factor into the equation.
All the search engine optimisation and every SEO gimmick under the sun cannot stand up to the gladiator powers of a covert content marketing service, with social media integration combined.
It’s certainly no glamorous job as a service, but the results are why I do what I do.
Innovative content marketing
The very start of a campaign is the longest to get off the ground, but that’s the side clients don’t see.
Let’s set the record straight and be upfront about what goes into the start of your campaign that guarantees client satisfaction.
In the first week, the preparation has began as soon as our initial discussions have started. By the end of the first consultation, your site will be being read to get a solid understanding of who your target audience is.
I get a feel for your brands voice, and I will tailor the content to be the exact same.
I disguise it well so that your readers think it’s you. You might call me a bit sly for that, but hey, if you could replicate yourself, you’d have so much better time management.
In that respect, I am kind of a duplicator (Never with content though).
That said, I’m also a great mind reader because there are situations that do require that. Say for example you run a marketing agency, or an SEO service. You need content, but you have your clients, and you could be mine.
There’s a barrier there that can cause miscommunications and break down the voice of a brand.
To make sure that doesn’t happen, any agencies I work with are assured of MI5 style discretion. Your clients never know I’m blended into the background. All I need is a URL and I treat your client as my own, without ever having to speak to them directly.
To be sure their content is up to par with my private clients, they get the same background covert analysis. All I need is a URL for analysis and I take the content direction from there.
Sure it’s easier if I have topics and content direction, but when you’ve other stuff to do, I’m a pretty good mind reader to take initiative and come up with a top notch blog post.
If you have any questions or if you would like me, Steve Hill, to be your UK article writer, I welcome you to contact me.
Steve Hill
Top Notch Content
0121 453 9208 / 07967 549 070
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