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The Low Down On Success Driven Content Marketing

Successful Content Marketing Strategies

Just a few years back, for a business owner to take their local business online, all it took was a basic four or five page website. Not much in the way of content marketing was required. It could be set up once, never to be touched again, as it worked silently in the background generating leads for SMBs.

Then something happened…

Search engines dropped them like a crate of bricks, leaving a huge amount of small businesses floundering for a way to get their sites visible online again.

The thing with being visible online is that you cannot set a website up, with expectations of it magically driving new customers through your door, or getting your phones ringing off the hook.

The best approach now and always will be, content marketing focusing on the customer. That means knowing your target demographic. Things like their age, gender, geographical targeting, and honing in on their interests.

All that information is available to website owners. Google Analytics is one of the larger ones. Bing offers the same level. Facebook even offers the service. Twitter too.

All those tools and services are nifty, but they’re merely statistics. They’re mechanical and don’t come anywhere close to the power of human thinking. Thinking about the reader and conveying the information they need into words that are understandable.

Without knowing your target audience, your content marketing strategy is unlikely to succeed.

Creating the content that leads to leads

“…The best approach is to pace and lead”

Using your content to meet your customer where they are in the purchasing cycle. Right from their first considerations for a service, is when you need your business name to be among those being considered.

On your website, an about page, and services doesn’t quite meet the criteria to have potential customers supercharged about doing business with you. To get people super pumped, you need to join the conversation.

But you’re not active on social media?

That’s the actual conversation anyway, but there’s an imaginary discussion going on before that first post is typed in to open the lines of communication.

Whenever you look for a service, or a product, the mind is never blank. There’s questions flowing through and as they do, the eyes are drawn to click around a website in a bid to find the answers to those questions.

• Is this risky?

• What’s the regular pricing for this service?

• Is that reasonable?

• I wonder if anyone I know has dealt with this company

That is a crucial conversation to get involved in. The personal conversation prospects are having with themselves, and it’s easier than you may think.

As an SMB, you’ll have a good idea about your target audience. You’ll know the questions they put to you on a regular basis, so why not just compile those and give your prospects the answers right there on your site, without them raising your bounce rate, by hitting up the search engine database to find answers from somewhere else.

That’s just one idea to engage your customers more. An FAQ page, answering the most frequently, and often pressing questions people have.

An FAQ page

There’s no point stopping there, when you can go so much further with content marketing. The power of online business is the ability to spread the word, start conversations on social media and get a huge amount of exposure you would never have had.

That’s achieved using the same thinking principles of the walk and pace approach. Thinking about the topic you’re about to address, do it with someone in front of you (imaginarily). Let your fingers be your mouth, and bring the conversation to life on the blank screen.

That’s what freelance professional article writers do every day. Converse the spoken word into word documents, ready for online publishing. That conversational style of writing engages the reader, and more often than not, has them taking an action of sort. Subscribing, sharing, or contacting businesses for more information.

The cornerstone of a success driven content marketing strategy is always centred around the reader. They’re the people taking time to investigate a business and to meet those needs high quality content is required.

Sure, SEO elements are required and incorporated strategically… but only after the conversation is brought to life… are the words then edited to combine human reading and technology together into one.

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