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The Missing Ingredient Of Low Traffic Blogs

How to gain more blog traffic
By now, you’ll have heard that blogging’s great for business. Well, it’s supposed to be. Until you try it, only to find that it’s been a waste of time, nobody read the content, nothing happened, and you’re left with about twenty blog posts and not one single hit on your analytics dashboard.
You’ve a problem.
It’s not necessarily your content. It could be your promotion or distribution that needs revised. The planning, your content strategy, or maybe even just the timing of your post could be to blame.
Readership’s the real problem of low traffic blogs
Business blogs aren’t just there for feeding search engine fodder like they were a few years back.
Content marketing has evolved and it is now thought of as the entry level of a sales funnel, after which you begin the relationship building stage to convert leads into customers.
Search engines and social media sites distribute the content to potential readers – they get intrigued, click the link to arrive at your site and when they do, the blog should be capturing their details through a registration form/sign up form to bring them back.
Time and time again, business blogs encourage a call, ending in a sales-like way, which is all too often ignored.
Instead, when you use the blog for what it is, the entry to a follow up sequence, you get to bring your prospect back. One blog post alone has the potential of capturing thousands of leads.
Especially if it’s long-form copy because with that you can simply copy and paste your content into a word file, export to PDF and offer your new readers a take away.
We’re all in a hurry. There are things to get done so the number of busy people arriving without the time to read your content will be substantial. Probably the majority so the option to send them a digital copy direct to their inbox so they can read it when they’ve time – it’s dangling the carrot and many will bite.
Using Social Media for Planning and Distribution
Social media is the reason content marketing is so effective. However, it won’t be if you don’t understand what’s happening because there’s more to it than meets the eye.
Some bloggers write based on the writer’s expertise in their field. Others write their blog posts to address the needs of their audience, their readership.
That readership is on social media. This is the starting point to creating content, your audience. Not an imaginary one, but the people you engage with on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Those are the people who will tell you their most pressing problems. They’ll openly raise questions and when they do, the smart move is to record them in a document.
For blog posts to be of any use to your business, the content needs to solve a problem for the reader. They need to know something; you have the solution. You find out from your readers on other platforms away from your site, then you write about the solutions and then you go to the distribution stage.
Where the problem lies with low traffic blogs is only moving to social media at the distribution stage. Start with social platforms to find the problems real people need answers to and then share your blog post with them, rather than sharing content created on a whim that doesn’t appeal to potential readers.
The most gains to be had on a business blog is when you incorporate social media into the planning stage of your marketing, instead of turning up on social media at the last stage of promotion and distribution.
Tie the two together and you’ll be able to increase traffic, and gain more leads too.

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