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Top UK People To Follow On Google Plus

I have to admit that I have become rather addicted to Google plus in recent months and I would certainly recommend you to join and participate in this growing platform if you have not already done so.

If you require any tips I am more than happy to help you and I also offer a Google+ management service for those people that would rather outsource this task.

UK Google plussers

As many of you will already know it is essential to be “social” if you want your social media campaign to be a success over the longer term and this is especially so with Google plus.

So what do I mean when I write about being “social”? Well quite simply this is where you comment, share and “plus one” other people’s posts. This alone helps to build your own brand as people you are talking to are likely to look at your profile to find out more about you and about the services that you offer.

They are also more likely to follow you back and to then start commenting, plus one and sharing your posts.

In social media you need to give in order to receive, as it were.

This is also a great way to build relationships and you can then extend them across the other social media platforms which you use such as Twitter and Facebook.

Many people have written that Google plus is a ghost town however that could not be further from the truth. Yes there are many people that use it to purely “dump links” to their own websites and make no attempt to become involved with other users. These people however gain little or next to no value from doing this.

The best people to follow are the ones that interact – they also share interesting information and are very generous when it comes to giving out plus one’s and re-shares – and they follow back.

Here are a few names/profiles of people from the UK (in no particular order) who I have found to be super friendly and who certainly fit the above criteria:

Mark Timberlake –

Dave Sutton –

Julia Poole –

Donna Beckett –

Gaynor Jackson –

Karina Bailey –

Martin Oxby –

Damion Elson –

John Considine –

Phil Buckley –

And please do not forget to add me to your circles…

Steve Hill –

I wish you every success with your Google plus marketing campaign.

Steve Hill

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