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Twitter & Facebook Management Service

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Twitter and Facebook Management Service
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Top Notch Content brings with it a level of social activity. Your content is designed to attract social media attention. However, where many businesses fail, we succeed! That’s because we know the difference between Facebook Likes and Facebook fans. We also know that CTR isn’t equal to ROI.
A major part of your social media success boils down to understanding your analytics. Every Facebook for business page gives management access to a suite of tools. That can be a learning curve in itself.
With our expert management service, we can let you know how many likes your pages are receiving, as well as how many of your fans have hidden your page from their news feed.
To have fans of your business, you need a business page on Facebook that’s designed to represent your business in the vast world of Facebook. We don’t focus on getting people to follow you. Our focus is creating fans for you – fans that will interact with your business.
To encourage that, and increase your business brand, we can work with you to create a Facebook page, in line with your business identity.
We can also do the same with the creation of your Twitter account.
One of the key steps to succeeding in social media is time. People fan your page because they want to interact with you. They want to see the personality that’s behind the business. What the ethics are, the level of care put into the customer service. Everything posted on social media is a representation of your business.
That requires management, and not every business has the time resources to invest in their success.
With just a little success, you could find this a full-time task in itself.
Fortunately, our management service is here to take that burden off your shoulders.
Of course, if you’re going to tap Facebook for business, you should really have a Twitter presence too. Twitter is a massive source for traffic, provided it’s utilised correctly.
As Top Notch Content is skilled in the art of copywriting, we’re able to make the most of the 140 characters.
We make every tweet count for your business.
Our expertise in digital engagement is where we excel with our Twitter and Facebook management service.
We monitor the web for key mentions of your business. The instant negative comments appear on your walls, we’ll know about it.
We can also use our expertise to manage not only your Facebook and Twitter campaigns, but for reputation management too.
Reputation management
The way new prospects perceive your business is crucial for converting a prospect into a customer. That’s why our management service works to increase your fan base, likes and positive comments. All of which drown out any negative feedback.
We’ll actively engage with your target audience and boost consumer confidence in your business.
With social media marketing, you can’t just post anything to your wall. People will eventually block your updates from appearing on their wall. That’s going to lower your number of fans.
When we generate fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter, we understand that these are your prospects. Just as in email marketing, you never spam your email list; because you lose subscribers…Facebook and Twitter have the same aspect.
They are leads for your business, and soon to be customers, provided the interaction is of the highest standards to present your business in a positive fashion.
Facebook and Twitter interaction are essential for the future of search marketing. The two will go hand in hand with each other.
We’re here to bridge the gap between focusing on organic search solely. We combine the two marketing services, to a stage where you can tap social media signals, to enhance your natural linking, which increases exposure within organic search. All of which has a focus on generating fast track traffic to your website, by harnessing the power of Facebook and Twitter.
The monthly fee for our Twitter and Facebook Management Service is £245. You can obtain your FREE ONE WEEK TRIAL by contacting us either by e-mail to or via the telephone on 07967 549 070.
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