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UK Article Writing Services – Are You Sure That Your Content Writer Is From The UK?

I welcome you to watch my latest video below which describes a bad experience a person had when purchasing what he believed was a “UK article writing service”.

I have included the transcript below the video for the people that would rather read than watch.

Video transcript:

Hello, Stephen Hill here from, for those of you who may be watching on YouTube.

I had an interesting phone call this morning from a person from Cambridge, Ian, who had had a rather bad experience, let’s say. He had searched on Google to find an article writer, an article writer who was based in the UK. He stated that he had typed into the search box “UK article writer” and then I think he did a couple of other searches, “UK article writing service”, “UK SEO writing service”, these types of typical key phrases, as you would.

He found a company near the top of the search listings, went onto the website and it was one of those where there’s a kind of form to fill in, asking how many words would you like, 400 words, 300 words, 500 words? Now this already for me seems a little bit kind of wrong. Maybe I’m just a bit old fashioned, for me, an article for a web page or for a publication shouldn’t be confined to a specific amount of words. If it’s an editorial, maybe it needs to be, however, it should be as long as it needs to be to explain the subject matter.

So again, seeing these forms, how many words, 300, 400, 500, and then the form asked him to put in a couple of key phrases, which I suppose is fair enough, and then it gave him a price, which he said was £3.85 for a 500-word article. Now again, me being me, I would kind of smell a rat again at that point. I suppose it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a high-quality article, then it should smell a rat. If you’re just looking for any old rubbish, then fair enough.

This person had contacted me stating he had had a bad experience because it was obvious that the person who had written the article was not a UK article writer, it was obviously somebody from what he presumed was Asia, possibly from India, etc. And it’s not exactly hard to tell, with some of the words that these people use. For example, the word “avail” is often used and when they talk about or write to complete an application form, some of them write to fill up an application form, it’s just not right, it’s just not good English.

So again, the purpose who rang me was not happy with the fact that it had obviously been outsourced or the fact that the company who he presumed was UK-based wasn’t UK-based and in a way, he was actually kind of laughing, he realised that for £3.85, what should he have really expected there?

The laughing man!

For me, this quality of content, which is why I call this website Top Notch Content, it’s just so important these days. We’re going already into an era where social media is just huge and for me, it’s only going to get more important as people nowadays do not tend to link to a website in the same way as they used to. Many are scared to link to websites because they are scared that Google may penalize them, if in the future that website they linked out to does something wrong etc.

So people are now instead of linking out to different websites on their own websites, on their own blogs, instead they’re sharing the content that they like via social media. This content that we produce, we want people to share it, but they’re only going to share it if it is high quality.

So again, to expect to receive high quality for £3.85, is expecting quite a lot. Even though he has found the website via Google, a trusted brand of course, and they normally provide very good search results, again, he’s thinking, well, I have a right to expect that the result that I found via Google is UK-based, because it’s what I searched for, it’s near the top of the results, therefore Google trust it, therefore, I should be able to trust it.

Again, I know the majority of people who watch this won’t kind of fall into the same trap, but it’s just a phone call I received this morning, so I thought I’d share the experience that this person had had with everybody.

Okay, now if you have any questions regarding the services that I provide, I welcome you to contact me. My telephone numbers are 0121 453 9208 and my mobile number is 07967 549 070. You can email me at Okay, thank you.

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