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Unleash The Power Of A Business Blog

Online business is a competitive field. No matter what industry you’re in, you have competition. The goal of many business owners is to get their site ranked in organic search. Generating free traffic, and leads to their business. Those leads are hot prospects that add revenue to your bottom line. You can only do that when you have the attention of your target audience.
To get the attention of your target audience, you need to engage with people. That’s where many a business will move towards social media; building an online presence on Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Google Plus.
That’s time consuming, and when it’s not utilised correctly, it’s downright ineffective in terms of productivity.
The thing with social media marketing for business is customers want to interact. When you have a website, say five pages of static content… sure, a new prospect may be intrigued, but consider those who are fanning, following, and circling your business feeds.
Do you have fresh things to share, or are you just marketing?
Static websites don’t cut it anymore. There’s nothing fresh for users to get embroiled in. They want to see the people they do business with to be at the top of their game. It gives your customers the satisfaction of knowing that their dealing with the best of the best in your line of work.
That means establishing yourself as an authority within your respective area of expertise.
How do you become an expert?
By posting top-notch content to your website; not static content though. Content that makes an impact on people’s emotions.
That’s the power of a business blog. It adds a fresh lease of life into your old static website, and builds a community in the backend of your online business.
You have knowledge to share with the world. You have fresh content that many of your competitors will not have.
Knowledge is power
That fresh and high quality content is going to be your advantage by getting more out of your stagnant website; putting it into overdrive for generating fresh leads, and converting those leads into loyal customers.
The way your business blog is going to work for you is to give far more reach online. A static website is only going to be viewed by search engines for a few targeted keywords. That’s the ones that are most relevant to your business.
Imagine doubling those listings in natural search!
1. Then treble them
2. Quadruple them
3. And continue to grow your online presence.
Your business can begin to dominate in organic search, and that’s because every search engine looks for fresh content.
Industries change!
What may have been true in 2008 may not be fact today. That’s why search engines look for fresh content. So they can return only the best results that will benefit the end user.
Your business blog can be that place, the online portal that both consumers and search engines trust.
The way you establish trust is with a community. Business blogs are another place where customers can post their feedback, and offer their suggestions on what they want to see from you.
A business blog:
1. Gives you feedback
2. It gives you leads
3. It gives you credibility!
All in, a business blog unleashes the ultimate power to your website for it to grow and prosper, beyond the reach your competitors may ever establish. The great thing with credibility is that it builds your reputation. Reputations are a building block of every successful business.
The bottom line is that business blogs are overlooked, and currently being underused. To gain a competitive advantage by beating your competition, the earlier you implement user engagement to your business website, the sooner you can grow your reach online.
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  1. Mike says:

    “Do you have fresh things to share, or are you just marketing?” Great question. I think many businesses need to be reminded that business blogging is not just about selling some more but sharing useful information with customers and visitors. Thanks for the great post, will def be sharing.

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