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Using A Business Blog As A Lead Magnet

Copywriting is used to increase your sales opportunities, but there’s an even more powerful form of writing that goes hand in hand with superb copywriting.
That’s the connectable writing style, done in second and/or third person. First person style should only be used for press releases and it is a requirement for publication. All other written material, put out there to attract new customers to your business should be done in a conversational tone.
If you’ve started a business blog, you’ll know how important it is that the content you publish appeals to your target audience. You also need to understand that your readers need to take something away from that material and that needs to be something of value.
Everyone is after knowledge, and the web is saturated with it. Chances are if you find a question someone has, the answer will already be on the internet. If that’s the case, then what’s the point in you even bothering to create the content that’s already available? People can just plug it into any search engine and find the answer without you wasting time publishing to your blog.
That you can do, but it’s no use. Nor is publishing the same content you find elsewhere on the web. That’s what creates saturation and in the end, it’ll be trusted websites that get the coveted spots on the search listings page.
That’s not always the case though, because every one of those trusted and authority websites all started somewhere. They grew their authority over years and that’s what you can do too but you will never do it by rehashing the same information.
The trick is to do one better than everyone else.
If it’s already working, stick at it.
That is the only way to go. You need content but don’t be fooled into believing that you need to update your blog consistently. You only need a max publish rate of one per week to develop trust and authority. Not this daily blogging because if you try, or you attempt to hire a writer to create content daily for your business blog, it’s going to wind up with rehashed information that does nothing for user engagement.
What you need are posts that appeal to people’s emotions; pulls them into your business and hits some button that triggers any type of emotion.
There is no such as boring content; unless the writer who creates it couldn’t care less about the emotions of their readers.
Boring content is more often than not what you get from content mills. Places where the only concern is content output.
That will always result in no user engagement. Before a keystroke is hit, a writer needs to understand the reader. That’s what adds intent to the writing.
If someone wants to know the best type of hair dye for grey hair and you’re in the business of selling hair dyes, then that’s definitely a topic for a blog post. People don’t want to be sold to when they search for that, so at that stage they are only in the research stage. That’s the part when you want to capture them and get those researchers into your sales funnel. It’s also the intent of your blog.
Content marketing success
The best way to view and work with a business blog is to think of each new post as a lead magnet. It needs to capture the attention of readers and demonstrate that you are an authority in your niche and that you definitely know your stuff.
You wouldn’t just publish a post to promote your best hair dye product. You’d take the time to explain that keratin is naturally in your hair and that no matter which product the person uses, they will damage their natural hair.
How much damage is done will be determined by the type of dye used. Then run through the options of ammonia free, permanent hair dyes (although they will never be permanent), the temporary dyes, and explain the different shades whilst offering advice along the lines of going a shade lighter rather than darker because one looks natural, and the other doesn’t.
I’m not a hairdresser, nor done any training to know that. It’s just about knowing where to research, which sites to trust, and gathering the information needed to create a post of value to the reader and then putting it together.
Every decent writer has one thing they excel in. Research! You should never have to sit down with a writer and explain your business to them. They know how to research your business, find the places your audience hangs out, infiltrate the groups to seek the language of the niche, and then create tailored content that speaks to that target audience.
We’re ninjas at it!
It’s all about researching the audience and not just the information. Great content needs to appeal to people, ignite some emotion, which will inevitably encourage people to share the new knowledge source with others; thus increasing exposure for your business.
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