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WordPress Web Design Service


At Top Notch Content we know just how much of a lifeline high quality is to your business. That’s why we want to help you get your content out to the world in the most valuable way that will help grow your bottom line. If you are looking for a Birmingham freelance web designer I welcome you to contact us. If you like the look of this website and are wondering how much we would charge to build a similar site then the answer would be in the region of only £500.
To get the most value to you and to your readers, you need to have a content distribution centre for readers to find you.
That’s why we offer our Top Notch Web Design Service. It helps us to help you better.
We will work with you to not only provide you and your readers with the content you need to thrive, but we’ll create a unique and bespoke web entity that will set you apart from your competitors.
As experts in WordPress CMS designs, we can tailor your business needs to create a custom web design that will work for you.
We know the statistics to create fast, functional, lead generating, profit-pulling websites based on the best intelligence the web has to offer.
We also know that every client we work with is going to have different agendas. We work with you to customise a web design that’s going to be serving your business needs.
For lead generation, we can optimise your design with strategic coding, which place your newsletter opt-in boxes site wide. They can be placed in the side column of your website, or coded directly into the header of your design. We can design your site with both, giving you more opportunity to increase your leads.
If you aren’t sure, we’re on hand to advise too.
Graphics are the first factor that’s going to be key to people staying on your site or leaving. You need to have your design aesthetically pleasing so it’s not going to distract people with “boringness”.
Navigation wise, we can customise it for you. For larger sites, eye tracking studies conclude an F shaped pattern is used for users to click around your website. We can structure a site for you using those case study results, proven to improve site usability.
When people land on larger websites, they’ll look across the top of the website, which is where we’ll place your branded logo, and you’re navigation down the left hand sidebar. This makes your web design easy to use.
That can be altered though, depending on the main objective of your content – gathering leads or selling products.
For e-commerce sites, the same F navigation structure can be implemented for your customers to find what they need, when they need it.
All this may be getting out of your league though, so let’s bring things back to a more realistic level. Most of our customers start small. This is your standard 5-page business website. It’s pretty much all you need to get started.
Since we use a very easy to use CMS platform, it is easily scalable for when you’re ready. We can work at a pace to suit your needs.
Top notch content needs a place to be parked to attract attention. That’s what our web design service is here for. To help you, attract new leads into your business.
We welcome you to contact us to discuss your Web Design requirements and for a free no obligation quote.