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Why Your Blog Needs An Editorial Calendar

Every successful blog online has a core strategy going on behind the scenes. The larger the blog is, the longer the editorial calendar will be.
If you’ve tried your hand at guest blogging, editorial calendars are likely why your pitches went unnoticed. It’s not uncommon for blogs and magazines with a large readership to be creating content six months in advance. That’s right. Six months in advance.
That means for those pitching for guest blog posts with large publications, they should be pitching festive pieces in the spring, and winter warmer tips and energy saving in the summer to fall in place with the publications editorial calendar.
However, it’s not only the big guns that use these. The smaller sites use these to grow their audience online.
Content marketing is huge business. You can’t go into this blind. To get things rolling along nicely and effectively, a new blog will need a blogging business plan just the same as your business needed one at the beginning.
A blog is an integral part of your business online for lead generation. The most crucial point to success is consistency.
Consistent blogging is the only way it’s going to grow. That doesn’t mean daily because weekly and even monthly schedules will work to grow your blog just the same. Just a little slower.
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Take for example this blog. The editorial calendar here is monthly. Readers and subscribers know to expect new information to be published here once a month. If the content weren’t published, readers new to the blog, finding their way from organic search traffic or through social media referrals would be questioning whether it’s active or not.
How many times have you landed on someone’s blog that was last updated years ago? Perhaps you liked the content, clicked the home page to be greeted with the latest post from years back.
It’s inactive so there’s no point doing anything else on that site. Stale blogs fall at every hurdle. An active blog on the other hand shows you’re still in business. Even a monthly schedule, which if you’re terrible at mathematics is twelve blog posts for an entire year. Using WordPress you can even have twelve posts created and scheduled to publish on the dates you set. You can set them but you can’t forget them as you still need to promote them.
An editorial calendar is what you need to keep your content on track for whatever frequency you set out to achieve.
If you’re unsure where to start, begin with no less than monthly. If you have the budget, go with weekly because that’s the fastest way to get results. More frequent is faster, but that will make it more difficult for consistency.
Typically, publishing weekly, you can expect three months before any real action will happen. Business blogging needs consistency before it will have any effect. You can’t expect to publish one blog post and get fresh leads right off the bat.
The fastest way to ensure your blog has consistency is to plan the content ahead of time, get it created, queue it up for publication and then set reminders to yourself for when each piece is set to publish, and you can set out promoting it once it goes live.
You can use social media scheduling tools to automate the promotion of your blog posts too. It all starts with the editorial calendar though and you are best to have one before you go blindly into business blogging. In essence, it’s your plan of action for the content creation.

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