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Why Your Content Doesn’t Engage Your Readers

Read anything about content marketing and you’ll see that engagement is everything. Well, it’s not exactly but it’s what you need to get your readers into your sales funnel.
Speaking of sales funnels, you don’t need to create one to have one.
A sales funnel happens automatically when you start any business. It’s as simple as getting people to contact you and then keeping that conversation going until you get the sale.
There are plenty of systems out there that’ll help you make your sales funnel far more complex and likely lower its effectiveness but the barebones of a sales funnel is a dialogue between two people; the seller and the buyer.
As a seller, you need the engagement part in your content to get people to contact you.
That’s what your web content should be doing. Not just on your blog, your sales pages and your website home page and across social media too.

The simplest way to get engagement into your content…

Write to one person. You may have heard that before and it’s so true. It’s just too darn hard though because then you have to figure who that person is that you should be writing too.
Just as there’re sales funnel systems to complicate the process, there’s the same for creating personas.
To create a persona, just write down this: (the gurus tell you)
Take the time to go through that exercise and tell me what a waste of time it was.

Why personas don’t work

Because it’s made up; you aren’t writing to anyone real.
Instead, pick one of your favourite influencers in your industry and write everything to that person. After you’re done writing, think how they’d edit it, then think about how they’d read it and what they’d say about it.
Write to your hero.
Write to your Hero
When you do that, you’ll find your content becomes naturally more engaging just as a side effect of writing to someone whose opinion matters to you.
Do the same for your email newsletter, your social media posts and everything you put out there.
Make it real by writing to someone you want to impress. Impress one person and you’ll be able to affect the masses.

It all starts with engagement and from there; social media helps your outreach. It takes just one person to start the ball rolling.
• 1 share becomes 3
• 3 becomes 9
• 9 becomes 27
• 27 becomes 81
• 81 becomes 243
And that’s just based on one person’s share having three more shares.
It all starts by engaging with one person.

The more you do it, the more reach you get.
That’s why you need to have a blog and continually pour out engaging content because that snowball effect adds up to a lot of mileage for your content.
What’s more is because you are engaging and getting mentions and shares, you’re building credibility along the way.
Social proof doesn’t just come in the form of testimonials from existing customers. Social proof includes the amount of reach you have because it proves that people give a damn about what you or your brand has to say.
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